Products Deliver Strategy - Projects Deliver Products

Products Deliver Strategy - Projects Deliver Products

Organizations and products are failing at an alarmingly high rate in today’s economy. It is more important than ever that organizations are able to implement their strategy as effectively as possible. Studies done by PMI show that organizations who are effective at implementing strategy use projects. But this is not the full story, for an organization to achieve its strategic objectives, they need great products.

This webinar will introduce the strategy implementation circle showing the role of project and products in support an organization in implementing strategy. The webinar will highlight the need for organizations to use an iterative approach to product development and project execution. The relationship between products and projects and product owners and project managers will be explored in an iterative environment that focuses on delivering products that add value to customers.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define the strategy implementation circle
  • Design a project execution approach to support product development
  • Describe how project managers and product owners support each other

Guest Speakers: 

Peter Monkhouse

My name is Peter Monkhouse. I am the President of MonkArt, providing consulting and training services to organizations. In addition, I teach a variety of project management and business courses at Ryerson University, University of Toronto, and University of Calgary.

Throughout my career I have actively led projects and project managers in the areas of education, consulting, engineering, information technology, health, and organizational change for multinational organizations to startups to help the organizations deliver their strategy. I have taught almost 6,000 students in Project Management in a variety of formats including classroom, online, and intensive formats.

I am an active volunteer with PMI for over 20 years and presently on the PMI Education Foundation Board of Directors. I served on the PMI Board of Directors for 6 years and was the Chair of the 2012 PMI Board.

In 2019 I co-authored the bestselling book, Gen P New Generation of Product Owners who Care about Customers.

I have a BSc (Engineering) from Queen’s University and his MBA from the University of Toronto.


Joanna Tivig


My name is Joanna Tivig, I am a Lecturer, Agile Leadership Coach and Speaker with 15+ years of executive experience launching successful products and portfolios in and outside Canada. I am also a committee member and organizer of Toronto Agile Conference. I have been a Lecturer for University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies for over a decade, teaching a variety of courses in the project management and leadership space. I like to be a thought provoker for business and leadership concepts, helping organizations produce better results and build performing teams. I recently launched my own business (, focusing on improving the productivity of Agile teams through visual boards.

Prior to managing my own business, I have led successful transformation projects (Branch Transformation and Agile Adoption) in the Financial Services sector. My passion is helping leaders of organizations deliver value to customers, without sacrificing the well-being of their delivery teams. I like to volunteer my time to help communities grow. I am a committee member for hEr Volution 2019 Conference and do a variety of lunch and learns for high school students.

In 2019 I co-authored the bestselling book, Gen P New Generation of Product Owners who Care about Customers.

I have a Bachelor Degree in Education and Foreign Languages, and hold multiple certifications in Business, Project Management and Agile.

Event Details

Event Date 2020-05-13 8:30 pm
Event End Date 2020-05-13 10:00 pm
Capacity 100
Individual Price Free
Location Webinar
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