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Signs of ''the people pleaser'' manager in your team:

• Her team loves her as a person but is increasingly frustrated with her as a manager because she hides problems from them and tries to shield them from the external world. 

• He’s more interested in having a team that runs smoothly and avoids mistakes than he is in getting the team to push themselves to really become excellent. 

• When she is feeling bad, she wears it on her face and it makes the whole team lose confidence. • He never pushes back on work, but often has many outstanding tasks and excuses as to why none of them has been finished yet. 

• She overpromises and underdelivers, and never seems to be able to learn from this experience to promise less in the future. 

• He says yes to everyone and sends contradictory messages to both his team and his external partners about what can be accomplished, resulting in widespread confusion. 

• She seems to know about all of the problems that are happening in the company but hasn’t directly addressed any of them.

Please post your suggestion on how you coach "people pleaser manager" to make sure they deliver what they are accounted for in their job scope: